Pet Waste Removal

The Professional Solution for Dog Owners

Text or Call:  (505) 203-9372

Who is this service intended for?

Anyone who needs the convience of having their yard cleaned of dog waste on a consistent basis.

Are there any Contracts to sign?

No. Billing is month to month.

Can the Dogs be Outside during Scheduled Cleanings?

If the dogs are friendly; of course, they're welcome outside. We spend a few minutes apon each arrival greeting the dogs. Otherwise, the best effort is made to schedule the cleanings while the dogs are inside.

Are there any Discounts for Service Dogs?

Yes. We also offer several other discounts including Seniors & the Military

What if I keep my Gate Locked?

Many clients choose to provide the combination or a spare key; while others prefer to leave the gate unlocked on cleaning days and we lock it when we've finished. Otherwise, the best effort is made to schedule cleanings when access can be provided by the client.

Do you offer One-Time Cleanings?

Yes. We clean for Holidays and Special Occasions. Free Quotes are Always Available!